From 2009-2019, Tonic Jane was an all girl cover band rocking their way through Richmond VA area venues. They specialized in classic rock but broadened their musical horizons to include everything from oldies to disco to funk, to modern alternative songs and party music. At Tonic Jane shows, audiences were singing, dancing, tapping their feet, and most of all, having a fantastic rockin' good time! This is an archive of their old bio page.

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Tara "Tbow" Lane
Tara has been performing for audiences in various projects (The Ragdolls, Skuttlebutt, In Clover, solo) in and around Richmond since birth, at least that's how it feels to her. She has opened for Edgar Winter, Spin Doctors, and Joan Jett, to name a few. Most content to play other people's music these days, she is enjoying entertaining with such a fine group of musicians who continuously crack her up, always make her smile, and make life a joy to live. "It's great to be in a band with everyone having fun!"
Holly "Hollywood" Odum
Holly has been described as Franz Kafka on drums, stabbing with her sticks at the frozen sea within us all. She's been doing it a long time, too--alongside sinners and saints. People, spirituality and music intertwine and exert a powerful force in Holly's life here in Richmond. Currently a banker by day, Holly previously has worked as a professional drummer and a chiropractic masseuse. Skilled hands, this one. Of late, her credos--it's a toss-up between the two--are: "stirred, but not shaken" and "The beat goes on." Indeed she is, and it does. Come see and hear for yourself this mixologist of motion; she and her bandmates will stab, stir and ultimately, soothe what ails you. So, knock back a shot or two of Tonic Jane...
Jill "Sock Monkey" Springer
Jill hails from southwest Virginia, where, as a child, she fell heavily under the musical influence of her older brother. While her peers were listening to the insipid croonings of David Cassidy, Jill was glued to the 8-track listening to The Band, the Rolling Stones and Cream. More than anything, little Sock Monkey wanted an electric guitar. Everyone looked at her like she had two heads. 25 years later, Jill got her electric guitar and people still look at her like she has two heads (maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the guitar). Hm.

Leigh "Thumper" Strawderman
A Richmond native, Leigh’s interest in music began at the age of 1 when she would sit around humming Grandfather’s Clock until somebody put a pacifier in her mouth. Musical instruments were always around the house, and as an only child she would often entertain herself by making music. She recently learned to play the bass so she could join her friends in the basement once a week. “It’s great having a garage band to look forward to after working in an office all day.”